solid wood tops
400 Series
Wood veneer tops

With solid hardwood edge

3/4” thick veneered center portions.
1 1/4” x 1 1/4” solid wood edges same species as veneer center. Finished with a protective satin clear coat.

Tops available in any wood species and in any size and shape to meet your exact design requirements.

Other thicknesses, edge details, and patterned inlays are available on request.
Solid maple plank top, 212 base
Reverse diamond inlay top with Square edge / 250 series base.
Anigre inlay top
Square edge.
square edge
Square Edge
Maple veneer top
Eased edge.
eased edge
Eased Edge
bullnose edge
Oak veneer top
with optional brass inlay
Beveled edge.
Bullnose Edge
beveled edge
Beveled Edge
ogee edge
Optional parquet inlay
Eased edge.
Ogee Edge
contour edge
Contour Edge
beaded edge
Beaded Edge
Reverse diamond inlay
Step Edge

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